Welcome to iCHIP

The data management system iCHIP is the central database for different consortia in the area of cancer research and molecular genetics with a main focus on the storage of different types of experimental data and clinical data.

Over the past years, the data of various projects of the German National Network for Genome Research (Nationales Genomforschungsnetzes NGFN) such as ENGINE, Neuroblastoma, CancerNet, NeuroNet, Brain Tumor Net, Cardiovascular, Infection/Inflammation, PaCaNet, SMP Bioinformatics, SMP RNAi, SMP Cell and SMP cDNA have been managed with iCHIP.

Initially designed for the storage of two dimensional experimental data in the field of transcriptomics, iCHIP has been subsequently extended and other types of experimental data like proteomics data and RNAi microscopy images were included.

Additionally, iCHIP allows the storage of patient related clinical data and corresponding biomaterial samples. For the ICGC projects PedBrain Tumor, Malignant Lymphoma as well as Early Onset Prostate Cancer, iCHIP is the central clinical node.

In the area of pancreatic disease research, the PacaNet-Biobanking platform for the management of bio-specimen and the research bio-database PancoBank, linking clinical-pathological data with biopsies and bio-fluids, is supported by iCHIP.

iCHIP will is also intended to be the central storage database for patient and biomaterial search within DKTK (Deutsches Konsortium für Translationale Krebsforschung).

The data management system iCHIP is programmed by:

The data management system iCHIP successfully combines the excellence of the following partners:

DKFZ German Cancer Research Center Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg Bioquant